Dark and twisted, just how I like it….

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 21.09.38


Dark twisted florals baby. Just a bit of blending to do but my computer had gone on a INFURIATING go slow so that will not happen tonight. The is no Ctrl-alt-delete on a mac so I have NO idea how to force close un unresponsive program. grrr. This is just a snippet of the print which would be sized up a bit larger than above. Feel like I’m getting somewhere now….my ability vaguely starting to get in line with the sort of prints I wanted to create (I nearly said ‘artistic vision’ there but then thought that sounded a bit w&nky). 


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4 responses to “Dark and twisted, just how I like it….

  1. Command-option-escape is your mac control-alt-delete :)
    I adore this print, please put it on spoonflower!

  2. I know right! I’m so seeing me in an Erdem-esque dress in this. I’ve just sent off to get a sample printed up on silk twill from BeFabBeCreative. The colours come out differently (not as bright) so need to see what it looks like before going in for a full 2m. It’s not as cheap as spoon flower but if you fancy some after I’ve got the sample, sure it can be arranged!

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