How do I make a buck from this stuff?!

So I decided to do this course: MONESTISING YOUR DESIGNS

Now I tend towards the erm..’over rich fantasy life/ stubborn’ so when I started with this fabric design malarkey I had a very clear idea what I wanted to do. I wanted to give Erdem a run for his money. OK so I’m not quite as deluded as thinking I can be a world acclaimed fashion designer but you know….that was the print I liked. ‘Designs for silk dresses’. End of. Wrapping paper? NOPE!!

Eventually a touch of reality creeps in and I decided that just perhaps it was more sensible to just you know, explore options given that I ostensibly had no experience in the fashion industry whatsoever and have a full time job. So this looked like a good start. Admittedly the designers on MOYO have a different aesthetic to mine but hellz, looks like a good course and might help me work out how I can eventually make a penny or two from this stuff. Maybe it’s a good thing being a bit different.

There is coursework. I have no idea how long the lessons are. It’s fine – who needs sleep.

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One response to “How do I make a buck from this stuff?!

  1. Worth a shot, go for it…

    like your last design, thought it was awesome…even though it is far from my kinda colours…

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