Endings and beginnings…

I do like huggiedoeshomespun. I carved my miniscule corner of the crafting bloggy world back in 2011 when I was actually experiencing an annus horrribilis. It’s charted a 3 year journey of crafting exploration¬† (in my usual evasive, light-hearted manner) and ultimate discovery of what I’d like to do thanks very much. I started out sewing (then realised actually I am not that interested in it) but it gave me an appreciation of different fabrics and garment construction. It charted my meteoric rise to knitting greatness ;-). It’s charted what was just a interested thought, to a conviction as to what I’d at least like to try and make a partial living from.

Must have been 3 years ago now I did the course at St Martins – Silk screen printing. It looked like fun and I like making things¬† It was at the end of that she explained; “you can also get things printed digitally”. A little switch went ON. I WANT TO DESIGN MY OWN FABRIC FOR DRESSES. So slowly but surely I taught myself to do it and um, well I can (quite proud of myself actually, all this round a full-time job and penchant for sleeping). The past year or so has been more about getting to grips with computer aided design and exploring what my style might be but I’ve got a sense if it now and ideas for how I might start to blend hand drawn stuff with computer type stuff. It’s time to get creative. Doing this course at present I realised there are real opportunities via art licensing to sell designs. Like…you know…..actually possible (like the stuff I’ve already done), not pie-in-the-sky. Pattern in everywhere; stationary, home furnishings, wallpaper and fabric. You can design for all if you like.

Wierd how something could be staring me in the face my entire life and I totally missed it. Good at art? yup, art teacher said I’d be a good textile designer – ignored that comment, creative person? yup, obsessed with colour and pattern? yup. My wardrobe is AWASH with colourful patterned dresses, my object d’art usually involve pattern and I’m aesthetically ruthless. I have the strongest opinions about what is beautiful and ugly which I hold with utter conviction.

I have also learnt (although to be honest I kind of knew it), I have no interest in teaching or sharing the hows or whys. I just like the doing and penning the odd funny word. I’ve enjoyed sharing my crafty shizzle with the small gaggle of you that read this and it’s given me a warm non-sex&al glow thinking I’m a small part of a community…

But it’s about to be time to get serious. I’m going to need a proper website, so people don’t go to look at my designs and have to wade through pictures of my ‘tits in knits’. A site where I don’t say things like ‘tits in knits’ , where I make it look like butter wouldn’t melt versus having the WORST potty mouth. I’m going to have to save the ranty diatribes for The Weekly Portia’. I need to create a brand (ugh)…in short it’s time to start thinking professional. It’s time to stand up and be counted. Innit.

So, huggiedoeshomespun is going to be replaced. I’m not really a blogger anyway; let’s face it, it’s a comedy on-line craft journal. So we are probably on wind-down I think. Endings/beginnings…


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2 responses to “Endings and beginnings…

  1. Good Luck, don’t forget to tell us where you have gone too

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